2020/21 Team Fees


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Velocity Volleyball Club's Payment Policies

Club Fees are ALL INCLUSIVE:

Velocity Volleyball Club fees are all inclusive. Team fees include: coaching salaries, coach training, coaches’ NCVA memberships and background checks, coaches’ travel, facility fees, tournament entries, TeamSnap, and administrative fees. Team fees are subject to change if a player adds/drops and/or the team decides to enter another tournament. 18 B and 16 Jax include Hudl account with game film breakdown.

Club dues do not include player travel expenses or NCVA memberships.


Uniform Fee:

In efforts to evenly distribute costs between team players, the uniform fee is a SEPARATE FEE. The uniform fee is NOT included in the 2019/20 Team Fee.


Club Fees are Non-Refundable:

When a player commits to play on a Velocity Volleyball Club team, it is an agreement to pay the season in full. Team fees are due regardless of attendance to practices and tournaments. In the event that a player does not continue to play for any reason before all fees have been paid, all club fees are due and payable regardless of the reason. In the event of special circumstances, this fee agreement cannot be cancelled, broken or vacated without club owner’s review and approval. If a player chooses to leave the club during the season for any reason, the entire season fees remain the responsibility of the player and all responsible parents/guardians. If a tournament is full, an alternate may be selected. The fees due are not dependent upon availability of facilities.


*Support the Sport and Stay & Play:

All team participants (coaches, staff, chaperones, players, etc.) must book their housing accommodations through KC Sports Housing in order to participate in SCVA tournaments (Las Vegas Classic, SCVA Qualifier). Recommended: Family, friends, etc. Each team must book a minimum of 6 rooms per night for the duration of the tournament.

NCVA has implemented the Stay & Play Policy for all National Qualifiers. https://ncva.com/hotel-3/

Parents/Guardians will abide by the Support the Sport and Stay & Play requirements for all required tournaments. Parents/guardians commit to reserve at least one room at each of these tournaments their player will attend.


Deposit and Monthly Payments

Velocity Volleyball Club provides two options for paying club fees. The Paid in Full price is approximately 3% lower than the payment option. Deposits and monthly payments will be accepted online with credit or debit card, check or cash. If club fees are not paid in full on commitment night, the player is automatically placed into the payment plan option. Payment plan details are listed in the far-right hand column above. Team fee deposit and uniform package fee is due at commitment night, November 10th, 2019. Remaining payments are due on December 10th, January 10th, February 10th, and March 10th.

Monthly Payments Can be Paid Online:

Paying club dues online helps streamline processing and minimize missed payments. All payments can be made through the Velocity Volleyball Club players’ TeamSnap accounts.



Failure to pay any payments due by the due date will result in the player being ineligible from all club activities to include: practices, tournaments, and team events. Payments not received by the 10th of the month can result in the player’s ineligibility. Reinstatement of eligibility will require payment of all past due outstanding fees and any penalties. If fees are still due after the end of the Velocity Volleyball Club season (April 29, 2019), the player will be ineligible to participate in any Velocity Volleyball Club activities including camps, clinics and tryouts until the debt has been paid in full.